Top Violators and  Violations

Top Violations and Violators

In FY14-15, 2,489,390 parking tickets were issued, the top 3 violations were:
1) Street Cleaning – 26% of all tickets   2) Expired Meter Violations – 23.3% of all tickets   3) Expired Tabs – 10% of all tickets.

Tickets Are on the Decline

Ticket prices increased in 2009, 2011, and 2012, while the number of tickets issued has declined significantly since 2008. Current ticket prices in the City of Los Angeles range from $25 to $363. The graph below notes street cleaning citation fines increasing from $60 in 2009 to $68 in 2011 to $73 from 2012 till now.

Delivery Trucks

Fleet and delivery trucks, such as UPS and FedEx, received 46,406, or 1.9%, of all tickets issued.

How Many Full-Time Traffic Officers Spent
Their Time Issuing Tickets to UPS and FedEx Trucks?

The equivalent of 10 full-time traffic officers spent FY14-15 issuing tickets just to UPS and FedEx.

Rental Cars

Rental cars accounted for 57,682 tickets in FY14-15, or 2.3% of all tickets issued. 90% of the tickets issued to rental cars were paid by the renters; the other 10% of the tickets were paid by the rental companies.
All facts and figures from Fiscal Year 2014-2015 unless otherwise noted.