Latinx City Workforce Dashboard

Diversity at the City

Los Angeles is a diverse and wonderful city, but issues of equity remain—a trend that is reflected in our own local government. Although the City of L.A. employs a workforce that is more diverse than ever, important work remains to achieve fair representation and pay equity across City departments. 
The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 48% of L.A.'s total population identifies as Latinx/Hispanic. City payroll data indicates that Latinx/Hispanic employees make up roughly 40% of the City's workforce, a sign that more must be done to ensure the City’s workforce reflects the community it serves. 
Further analysis shows that a high percentage of Latinx/Hispanic employees are male (70%), and a majority of Latinx/Hispanic employees hold full-time positions with the City.

Top Departments and Job Classes

Workforce diversity varies from department to department—City payroll data indicates that the Police, Water and Power and Recreation and Parks Departments have the largest number of Latinx/Hispanic employees.
Police Officer, Recreation Assistant and Administrative Clerks are among the most common job titles for Latinx/Hispanic employees.

Pay Gaps Remain an Issue

Pay gaps persist among Latinx/Hispanic employees compared to the rest of the City's workforce. Despite making up 40% of employees, the average base salary for full-time Latinx/Hispanic employees in 2021 was $75,707, ranking 5th in average pay compared to other ethnic groups.
Latinx/Hispanic City employees make up less than a quarter of the City's top earners—employees making over $150k/year.